Living Nativity 12.17.17

This year our kids did such an amazing job! We are so proud of them! They presented the Living Nativity with narration and carols, and they added some personality, as well. One of the sheep was particularly entertaining, “helping” the angels find their way. 🙂

Then Pastor Bill preached another sermon from His series about God’s Promise-Plan (a series based on Kaiser’s book The Promise-Plan of God. This series focuses on the five people God used to bridge the Old and New Testaments, citing the Abrahamic Covenant as central to the entire redemption plan).  Luke Chapter One tells us God’s plan involved a miraculous event in the virgin birth, which fulfilled the prophecy Isaiah made. Despite the fact that His plan disturbed Mary’s immediate plans, she submitted to God’s plan. Then Mary praised God, and she was thankful that God’s plan involves a future society where injustice does not exist.

Afterwards we had crock pot luck in the fellowship hall, and the kids got to demolish and devour the gingerbread house that the Job Corps culinary students had made for us. It was a wonderful day! Praise the Lord!

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