Taco Fellowship and Youth Cake Baking Contest 4.22.18

After Sunday School, singing, and a sermon from Hebrews Chapter Eleven entitled, “Finishing Well,” we went into the fellowship hall for lunch. We were all excited about the tacos until we walked by the table of amazing cakes the youth of our church prepared! The judges were briefed on the forms they needed to complete, and the scrutiny began. After our tech-savvy people ran the numbers through the customized program (how cool is that?), we had the results! The kids had a great time preparing their desserts, and everyone got a coupon for a gourmet ice cream cone from the Inside Scoop, and the top five cakes got a $10 gift card to the same place. 🙂 Good job, kids!
The top five were, from first to tied-for-fourth, are
Cinnamon Swirl
Cannoli Cake
Was-a-Cake (Apparently, the real whipped cream in the Strawberry Shortcake melted on the way to church and the young chef had to quickly change his presentation to a trifle, but it tasted soooo good!)
Spring Chocanilla
Unfortunately, some of the kids changed out of their Sunday Best before we snapped the photos . . .

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