Monday Morning Meditation 2.18.19

Meditation on “The Testing of Jesus” from 2.17.19
Hear the sermon.

  1. The testing of Jesus shows us that God has a purpose and plan for trials and temptations. Luke 4:1-2 Let’s pray that the Lord would give us peace and joy as we go through the trials and temptations through which He has ordained us to go.
  2. The testing of Jesus shows us the tactics of the devil. Luke 4:3-12
    Let’s ask the Lord to give us a clear understanding of His word so we can thwart the tactics of the devil.
  3. The testing of Jesus shows us that He is fully capable and equipped to perform the tasks of the Messiah. Luke 4:13-14, Hebrews 4:14-16
    Let’s pray that we would trust in Christ, Who has never failed in trials and temptations, to get us through trials and temptations.

Daily Bible Readings
These correlate with our Teen and Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study.
Monday: John 12:12-17
Tuesday John 12:18-22
Wednesday: John 12:23-29
Thursday: John 12:30-34
Friday: John 12:35-43
Saturday: John 12:44-50

February Events:
IF your child is going rock climbing, please fill out the waiver before going so that we can spend all the time there climbing.
Youth Activity: Rock Climbing Friday February 22, 6:30 PM
Meet at Rock Gym Address
275 W Natick Rd
Warwick, RI 02886
Ages 20 and under free

Wild Game Dinner Sunday, February 24, following Worship Hour.

Have a great week. See you Wednesday at Bible Study.

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