Monday Morning Meditation 3.18.19

Meditation on “Two Gifts: One Good, One Bad” from 3.17.19. Hear the Sermon.

  1. Adam’s gift brought punishment upon us, but Jesus’ gift brings favor upon us.
    • Romans 5:12-15
    • Genesis 5:3
    • Praise the Lord that Jesus’ gift completely alleviates the displeasure of the gift we received from Adam.
  2. Adam’s gift made us guilty before God, but Jesus’ gift makes us innocent before God.
    • Romans 5:16-18
    • Praise the Lord for His abundance of grace in helping us overcome the guilt of sin.
  3. Adam’s gift brought us under the power of sin, but Jesus’ gift brings us under the power of His grace.
    • Romans 5:19-21
    • Praise the Lord for giving us the grace we need to be freed from the bondage of sin.

Daily Bible Reading:

  • Monday: John 14:15-21
  • Tuesday: John 14:22-24
  • Wednesday: John 14:25-27
  • Thursday: John 14:28-29
  • Friday: John 14:30-31
  • Saturday: Acts 1:7-8


Friday, March 29, 6:30 PM Youth Activity: Games & Pizza

Looking ahead, April 9 we will consolidate all April activities to go see “Noah” at Showcase Cinemas in Warwick (1200 Quaker Lane). Please sign up on list in vestibule.

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