Monday Morning Meditation 4.15.19

Meditation on “When Jesus Goes Fishing” from 4.14.19. Hear the Sermon.

  1. Jesus creates situations for us to hear His message of hope.
    • Luke 5:1-3
    • Let’s pray that the Lord will help us create opportunities for people to hear Jesus’ message of hope.
  2. Jesus compels us to recognize His power and authority.
    • Luke 5:4-8
    • Let’s ask Jesus to show His power and authority in our lives by helping us live unselfish, loving, holy lives.
  3. Jesus gives us a purpose that puts worldly pursuits in perspective.
    • Luke 5:9-11
    • Matthew 28:19
    • Let’s ask the Lord to help us dedicate our possessions and pursuits for the great purpose of “catching” people for Him.

Daily Bible Reading:

  • Monday: John 20:1-5
  • Tuesday: John 20:6-7
  • Wednesday: John 20:8-10
  • Thursday: John 20:11-13
  • Friday: John 20:14-16
  • Saturday: John 20:17-18


April 19: Good Friday Service at Exeter Chapel at 7 PM.

April 21: Easter Sunrise Service 7 AM at North Kingstown Town Beach; Breakfast to follow at Cold Spring Community Center. No Sunday School; Easter Communion at Beacon Church at 10:30 AM.

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