Mens prayer Breakfast

The men at our church had a great time serving some members who needed firewood cut after a great breakfast and fellowship time. We are using facebook for our pictures to decrease the load on our site from now on, but you don’t need to have a facebook account to see them 🙂

The Beacon May 2013

Thank you for your faithful prayers and continued support!!!
Thanks for your continued prayers  for our new Sunday School program and teachers.  We began Sunday, May 5!
These are pictures of our brand new breakfast ministry.  When Pastor Bill announced the new Sunday School program, Bruce (above) came to him and asked if he could begin a breakfast ministry to help families more easily attend Sunday School.  What a blessing!! Above are pictures of three of our breakfast makers, Shirley, Melissa, and Bruce.  The other, Cheryl,  is pictured serving a cup to a child in the top left photo of this group.  We are so thankful!
One Saturday in April, Pastor Bill, along with some adventurous adults, took the teens on a canoe trip picnic.  Some of them brought some fishing poles, and one canoe is getting the hook out of the tree for another canoe.  Not pictured is Pastor Bill’s canoe.  They had a great time!
These three photos are from our fishing trip after our April Fellowship Dinner.  Everyone got plenty to eat, and then anyone who wanted to fish came out for a great day!
FINALLY, here is a a picture of our Men’s Prayer Breakfast.  Our men get together once a month to pray, do a Bible study, and eat  a great breakfast!

May 2013 1
May 2013 2